"And now what are you waiting for"
CEC and its Mission in a Changing Europe

Budapest, Hungary 3-8 July 2013

CEC is called upon to consider and act on many concerns in contemporary Europe. Principal among these, naturally, is ecumenism in Europe. CEC and CCEE signed the "Charta Oecumenica - Guidelines for the Growing Cooperation among the Churches in Europe." Churches throughout Europe are asked to implement the "Charta Oecumenica", adapting it to their local situations.



Welcome to the CEC 14th Assembly

Message from the 14th General Assembly of CEC to all the Member Churches

“And now, what are you waiting for?”(Acts 22.16)

In Budapest from 3-8 July 2013 we, the participants of the 14th General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) have met together as brothers and sisters in Christ under the title theme, “And now, what are you waiting for?” (Acts 22.16). We offer praise to God for this opportunity and express our thanks to the Hungarian churches and public authorities for their overwhelming hospitality and support of our work....

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3 July

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4 July

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5 July

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A summary of the sending service
Complements of the Lutheran Church in Hungary


The Future we want...

14th Assembly Press Releases14th Assembly Press Releases

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For information from the 14th CEC Assembly in Budapest media people may call Luca Negro (international press liaison officer) at +36 30283661

You may also contact the CEC Communications manager Peter Kenny, e-mail peter.kenny@remove-mecec-kek.org

The Assembly NewsletterThe Assembly Newsletter

CEC Assembly Newsletter #5 2013-07-12

The Assembly Daily #4
CEC to move its Secretariat from Geneva to Brussels

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Breathing ecumenical air

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CEC General Secretary presents his formal report to Assembly

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The Assembly opens with Gathering Service

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CEC Assembly Newsletter #3 



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