Youth ProgrammesYouth Programmes

Involving young people (aged 18-30) in the CEC Assembly is very important, and we want to ensure that for the 14th Assembly, there is a strong level of youth participation and that those who are involved feel that they are an integral part of the proceedings and that they have a voice.

Young people will be involved in two ways. Some will be sent by member churches as delegates. Others will attend as stewards, who help with the day-to-day smooth running of the Assembly, and at the same time observe and engage in ecumenical conversation within the Assembly, and meet other like-minded young people from other countries and denominations.

Both groups will attend preparatory meetings prior to the main assembly.

These youth projects contribute to the raising of European awareness and ecumenical consciousness and will provide intercultural dialogue in a spirit of openness, tolerance and solidarity.

Getting involved in ecumenism?Getting involved in ecumenism?


CEC works in close partnership with its five Associated Youth Organisations. Take the opportunity to find out more about them and the projects they organise by visiting their websites:







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