July 1 – 3, 2013


Who is a Youth delegate?

The General Assembly of CEC will have a variety of delegates present; many of them are church leaders or persons centrally placed in church structures. Oftentimes these are not young persons. However, CEC encourages member churches also to include younger persons in their delegations. This is important for several reasons. One reason is that including young persons in the delegation gives a better representation of the churches’ membership. The presence of young persons will also contribute to a wider perspective on a number of current issues the churches are facing today, as young persons bring the experience and perspective of their generation. Another important factor is the continued need for renewal in church life and ecumenical cooperation.

Persons from 18 – 30 years of age are considered as “youth delegates”. It is the member churches themselves who nominate young persons as delegates.

What is the purpose of a Youth Delegates’ Pre-Assembly?

Youth delegates participate in the General Assembly on the same level as all other delegates. A special Pre-Assembly is planned for youth delegates in order to provide ecumenical formation and Assembly training. Many youth delegates may have less actual experience in  ecumenical work or assemblies than older delegates. But their voices, views and active participation in the General Assembly is of great importance. The Pre-Assembly aims at empowering youth delegates to fully participate in the Assembly, giving background information on Assembly rules, thematic and structural input, as well as practical training. In addition, the Pre-Assembly helps youth delegates to build a fellowship which can be of great support during the assembly. Not least, the Pre-Assembly may support youth delegates in securing that their perspectives are being taken into account in the General Assembly itself.


Pre-Assembly Draft Programme

CEC Archive CEC 13th Assembly (Photo:Daniel Barton and Johan Ehrning)