The Assembly Planning Committee Members

Ms Nan Braunschweiger
Church of Scotland/World Council of Churches

Ms Beate Fagerli
Church of Norway

OLKR Peter Kollmar                
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Braunschweig

Rev. Dr Guy Liagre                  
Conference of European Churches

Rev. Dr Leslie Nathaniel             
Church of England

OKR Klaus Rieth                    
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg

Mrs Orsolya Somosfalvi       
Reformed Church in Hungary

Very Rev. Archimandrite Ignatios Sotiriadis         
Church of Greece

Ms Elena Timofticiuc            
Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania / AIDRom


APC Budapest mars 2013APC Budapest mars 2013

Photos from a meeting of the Assembly Planning Committee in Budapest 11-13 mars 2013.

Photo: Guy Ligère

APC Budapest, January 2013APC Budapest, January 2013

Assembly Planning Committee Meeting in Budapest, 29 January 2013

APC Stuttgart, December 2012APC Stuttgart, December 2012

Photos from the Assembly Planning Committee Meeting in Stuttagart, 9-12 December 2012

APC, Oslo, June 2012APC, Oslo, June 2012

L-R: Guy Liagre, Ignatios Sotiriadis, Beate Fagerli, Klaus Rieth, Peter Kollmar, Leslie Nathaniel, Elena Timofticiuc

Guy Liagre, Elena Timofticiuc

Beate Fagerli

Klaus Rieth, Peter Kollmar

Leslie Nathaniel, Orsolya Somofalvi

Meeting Space

L-R: Peter Kollmar, Guy Liagre, Leslie Nathaniel, Elena Timofticiuc

Planning for the Assembly, Geneva, 7 August 2012

Sandrine Sardano, Henriette Brachet, Leslie Nathaniel
Henriette Brachet, Leslie Nathaniel