A multitude of voices

During the CEC Assembly there will be a lot of meetings and discussions. Rev. Jenny Sjögreen reflects on getting together, and stepping beyond your comfort zone to be able to see the bigger picture.

Building bridges between CEC and its member churches

Building bridges between churches (local) and CEC (European) knowledge is closely linked to new ways of working and involves significant change in work practices, says Rev.  Dr Guy Liagre, the Secretary General of the Conference of European Churches.


The Power of the Song

A theme song has the power to speak to our hearts and feelings, and not only to our heads and thoughts. Through music it can bring alive the theme of the Assembly, helping us to be fully involved in the process into which we are called in this coming Assembly.

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CEC and its Mission in a Changing Europe - CEC assembly theme

In recent years, discussions about the effects of changes in the world on the ecumenical movement and its vision of the future have been on the agenda. Also, the number of ecumenical organizations constitutes a genuine challenge for churches and the financial partners who are supposed to collaborate with them and support them.

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Renewal and simplification: what is the Uppsala Report all about?

For the Conference of European Churches (CEC) to be successful in the future, it must renew its vision and strategic goals. The CEC should also simplify its organisation by reducing the size of its General Assembly and dissolving the Commissions as separate organisational entities while safeguarding their activities. These are some of the conclusions that the Revision Working Group will present in its report to the General Assembly in Budapest in 2013. 


Photo: Maria Svensk/IKON