Youth and Stewards programme before and during the Assembly

To prepare for the Youth meeting on the 1st and 2nd July, a Youth Pre-assembly Planning Group has met in Budapest from 8-10 March 2013. Representatives of different youth organisations such as SYNDESMOS, EYCE, WSCF Europe, and World YMCA participated in the meeting and developed the programme of the youth pre-meeting.

We are also glad to report on the steward selection procedure. After receiving more than 50 application forms from very experienced and enthusiastic young adults, a committee has selected the final 30, among which 10 stewards will come from Hungary. Selected stewards will be informed about their specific assignments in the next weeks.

Stewards and youth delegates will be able to spend time together during this pre-Assembly meeting in July to get to know each other, CEC and the Assembly itself. Besides clarifying their tasks and responsibilities, they also have to face a challenge to make the Hungarian reception night colourful.  We hope that you are curious about what this means! You will find out during the Assembly, but until then be assured that we will keep you well informed about the Assembly’s on-going events and activities. 

Youth programmesYouth programmes

Stewards of the Assembly in Lyon 2009.