Assembly Online Registration Launched

The online registration for the 14th CEC Assembly was launched on 8 March 2013 after testing it with CEC staff.  This means that all delegates that have been chosen and confirmed by their churches have been sent the invitation to register as well as their personalised password by email.

Although the form may seem daunting to fill in it is actually not the case if the guidelines have been read and the necessary documents (e.g. passport, flight information) are ready before filling in the form.  Assembly participants will find out that once on the registration site some of the fields have already been predetermined with information sent to us and inputted on the CEC database.

One question we received from a few delegates was why they are not able to choose their hotel.  As the CEC Secretariat has signed a contract with three hotels and in doing so determined the number of rooms booked in each hotel it would be more practical and efficient if CEC did the booking for the delegates.  However, CEC will ensure that as far as possible delegations of every member church and associated organisation are booked in the same hotel.

For questions or queries about the online registration please email

Online registration is openOnline registration is open

Photo: Madelen Zander/IKON