The Power of the Song
Photo: Magnus Aronson/IKON




A theme song has the power to speak to our hearts and feelings, and not only to our heads and thoughts. Through music it can bring alive the theme of the Assembly, helping us to be fully involved in the process into which we are called in this coming Assembly.

An urgent call

This song is based on the theme “What are you waiting for?”, which tries to convey the urgency of the call we have received, and the fact that we are not alone, but sustained by the One who has called us. The apostle Paul was asked this question, “What are you waiting for?” at the moment of his baptism. Quite harshly, by the power of God Himself, he had been stopped in his steps on the way he was proudly going. But then after he had been given time to reflect and recognised the One who was calling him, he experienced the grace of God’s healing care, realising that it was time for a big decision, and that he was not alone in it.

In our lives, we too are called to be witnesses to God. This calling is for all of us, and no one can expect others to do it on their behalf: at some point God faces us with this same question, “what are you waiting for?”

Time to take important decisions

This is probably true for CEC now as well. We too have been stopped in our steps along the way we have been following for quite some time. For us too it is time to take important decisions. But for us too there is the grace of God’s healing care, accompanying and strengthening us.

The Assembly Worship Committee wants to see the time of discussion and decision-making of this Assembly firmly rooted in our liturgy and prayer, so that we live this moment together, not just doing church business, but as an opportunity to witness to God.


What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?
Is something stopping you?
Called to be one, one in Christ!
What are you waiting for?

The grace of God has shone in your life.
The word of God has rung in your ear.
The will of God has shown you the way,
so what are you waiting for?