CEC’s 14th assembly in numbers




The upcoming Assembly in Budapest will deal with important decisions that will shape the future of of CEC. It will be a forum for Christians from different parts of Europe to meet, deliberate, worship together, decide on a number of key issues and elect the next set of leadership for the Conference. But how many people are coming, and where are they coming from?

In Budapest, 3–8 July, the CEC Assembly will gather around 400 participants. Most of them are delegates, but there are other categories and functions as well. The participants’ numbers according to category are:

  • 230 Delegates
  • 30 Stewards (10 from Hungary)
  • 24 Representatives from Associated organisations
  • 116 Other categories (advisers, co-opted staff, guests, Local Committee, observers, speakers and  staff)

Assembly delegates come from different parts of Europe:

  • Delegates from East: 5
  • Delegates from South: 21
  • Delegates from South East: 20
  • Delegates from North West: 44
  • Delegates from Central East: 45
  • Delegates from Central West: 44
  • Delegates from Nordic Baltic: 36
  • Delegates from International areas: 15

Of the 230 delegates there are 24 youth delegates and a total of 73 are women. 75 of the delegates are lay people while 155 are ordained.