International stewards to serve the Assembly
Alina Stepanova from Georgia.




The 30 stewards who will serve those attending the 14th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches represent a vibrant mix from many of the nations in which CEC is represented. 

Participants will know that the efforts of the stewards can help the Assembly function effortlessly while broadening the experiences of the young members of the ecumenical family.

Alina Stepanova, aged 28, is from Georgia and belongs to the Armenian Church. She speaks Russian, Armenian and English and is looking forward to the opportunities offered by the CEC Assembly and to offering her support to participants.                    

"During the years CEC is working to establish friendship between churches and bring peace to people. The assembly is an opportunity for open dialogue, discussion of concepts and finding ways to achieve justice and unity in Christ.

"Taking part in the Assembly is a chance to deepen my understanding of  ecumenism and pass this knowledge on through my journalistic work to people in my country."

For Janni Persson from Denmark the Assembly is a chance use what she learned attending a class in ecumenical movements in the Middle East when she was an exchange student in Beirut. Janni is 24 years of age and belongs to the Lutheran Church of Denmark. He ecumenical studies had a strong impact on her evoking her special interested in interreligious dialogue.

"I hope to observe and perhaps learn how to work in an ecumenical setting and to reach common ground in debates. It will be intriguing to observe the conditions for debate.

"This assembly will be a good contribution to my studies in theology and enlarge my knowledge about ecumenism."

Julcsi Fábián, 18, is from Hungary where she is a member of the Calvinist Church.

The Assembly will be chance for her to hone her English skills and learn about working in an international ecumenical environment.

"I go to a church school and my participation as a stewardess will deepen my knowledge about the international religious environment."

What do the stewards do?What do the stewards do?

The Stewards programme is a special volunteers´ programme for persons from 18 – 30 years of age, aiming at giving ecumenical formation to young people, as well as providing logistical assistance to major ecumenical events. 

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Janni Persson, Denmark.
Julcsi Fabian, Hungary.