Building bridges between CEC and its member churches




Building bridges between churches (local) and CEC (European) knowledge is closely linked to new ways of working and involves significant change in work practices, says Rev.  Dr Guy Liagre, the Secretary General of the Conference of European Churches.

"Churches need to be trusted in terms of knowledge provisioning and given more voice," he says in an article "Building bridges between CEC and its Member Churches."

A key challenge will be for CEC staff to decide how to develop and incorporate global and local knowledge sharing into their practice. Dr Liagre writes in a reflection paper on news ways of working at CEC.

"In other words, how can they draw on globally produced knowledge alongside locally produced knowledge into their practice? To facilitate this change, knowledge management in CEC is necessary but not sufficient," he writes. 

People are central to changing knowledge processes. 

"Local churches within CEC need to perform the challenging role of working with a wider network of practices across boundaries, and must be given adequate support in this endeavour. 

CEC contact persons and their teams in church offices are central to the linkage of local and European levels. 

"In addition to developing negotiation skills and effectively operating in a wider network of practice, representatives will need additional resources to facilitate information collection and analysis across multiple dimensions or axes for programmed strategy and development," says the CEC general secretary. 

"Indeed, it is this inseparable blend of technology, individual knowing-in-practice and organizing knowledge in networks of practice that will be important to effectively bridge and build local and European knowledge and thus motivate new ways of working at the CEC."