A multitude of voices




During the CEC Assembly there will be a lot of meetings and discussions. Rev. Jenny Sjögreen reflects on getting together, and stepping beyond your comfort zone to be able to see the bigger picture.

I’m one of those people who like meetings. I like structure and the forum for discussion and decision making. I like the very idea of getting together, with all our differences; in culture, in theology, in praxis, in ideas of how to make this world better and of what it is to be Church. I like learning and sharing. I like being challenged and have my mind changed a bit when seeing new perspectives from other people. I like growing together.

It is not always easy, I have to say. Sometimes I don’t get it. I don’t see the way ahead. I get caught up in details – or feel someone else is. I am challenged far beyond my comfort zone and I probably challenge someone else beyond theirs. There will be tension, I’m sure.

But the thing is. Without it, there would be fewer voices heard. A smaller part of the picture would be seen. And we would be missing out; in a sense we would be poorer. We need each other. That is being the body of Christ.

…And now what are you waiting for?!

Jenny Sjögreen
Ecumenical officer, rev.
Church of Sweden