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On the theme “And now what are you waiting for?” we try to ensure that communications before and during the General Assembly in Budapest is transparent and hopefully fast. We must seek ways of increasing participation for delegates, member churches, members and of course the media.

The aim is that many different voices must have an opportunity to be heard, in parallel with the formal elements of the business sessions. Communicating about church activities is something above and beyond the ordinary and must be conducted with great respect for the Gospel, but this does not prevent us from using terms and strategies from the business world. These represent a means to achieve our goal.

The website is the hub
The Assembly website is the hub and is seen as a digital archive which gathers all the documents. The focus is on getting the official documents and decisions published as quickly as possible to increase participation for those who are not attending the Assembly. The website will be updated daily during the Assembly, describing what is taking place at the Assembly with links to the day’s documents which are official. The website will link to activities in social media with a daily blog written in three or four languages and daily tweets from the deliberations with the hashtag #cecfuture.

We share on Facebook
We have created a Facebook group for the Assembly (CEC Assembly) which is open to everyone. Every day during, the General Assembly, all the published articles will be linked, links to Web TV, tweets and pictures. Anyone can write and submit pictures, send a greeting from a member church, etc. You are welcome to share your thoughts! We will also offer Web streaming of the deliberations. The deliberations will be filmed and broadcast live and published afterwards (within 24 hours).

A daily newsletter
A daily newsletter to delegates and the media providing brief facts about what is on the programme, brief looks back at what happened the day before and highlighting different voices to give an insight from their own perspectives. The newsletter will be produced in English, German, French and Hungarian.

Exhibitions highlight CEC's work
Outside the Plenary hall there will be an exhibition with several elements: there will be a special corner for the different topics that concern CEC and its member churches and a special corner for the youth. A future wall (Prayer wall) will also be created where people can communicate their thoughts, prayers and/or wishes or concerns.

The press is welcome
There is a Press Centre for media and daily Press Conferences or Press Briefings. The Press Centre is open 7:30 – 22:30 every day July 3-7 and on July 8 from 7:30-15:00.

Facilitating dialogue
Our hope is, prior to and during the Assembly, to establish communications that are characterised by faith in the future and the hopes that are part of the ecumenical work being done in Europe. These communications are to serve as proper support to the management of the Assembly and create the conditions for a dialogue between the member churches before and during the event.


We welcome your thoughts and input! 

“And now what are you waiting for?”

Marianne Ejdersten,
Communication Co-ordinator of CEC’s 14th General Assembly
mobile +46 70 348 41 59

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